Authentic Japanese Shotokan Karate training brought to you by respected high ranking instructors from the UK's Kenshinkai Karate Club established in 1972


Online Training With Grading Submission

My Online Karate is designed to allow you to train from the comfort of your own home. Instruction videos will guide you through the grades. When you are ready for grading you will be able to film your grading exam and submit for grading.


Online Or In Person Grading Exams

Fully accredited and recognised grading exams by high ranking qualified instructors to black belt & beyond. UK GCSE & A Level Grading equivalent. Each grade is reviewed and feedback provided at every level to let you learn at every step of the way.


Fixed Low Monthly Fee of just £15 per month.

For just £15 per month get access to premium training. Grading fee of £25 at time of grading. No hidden costs. If you are a club, school or would like to know about our club membership discounts, please get in touch.

My Online Karate is an offshoot of Kenshinkai Karate Club.  Kenshinkai was established in 1972 by Sensei Eddie Whitcher one of the most respected western Karateka, he was the first British man to grade to 3rd Dan in Japan where he trained for 3 years passing the infamous JKA instructors course.   The lineage of instructors in Kenshinkai is pure and fully traditional  and as an online member you will always be welcome to visit our club, in the lovely Suffolk countryside. 

Find out more about Kenshinkai and the club’s history HERE.

Sensei Glen in action over the years

Train with our respected & high ranking English instructors

Sensei Glen Moulds Black Belt 5th Dan (Japan) leads the team of Instructors with Andy Walls 4th Dan. With over 60 years of experience between the two of them, we will guide you through each module allowing you to get guaranteed quality personal attention.

We look forward to seeing you in the Dojo

Monthly Membership

No Contract

£ 15 Monthly
  • Unlimited Access
  • Online Grading Exams
  • High Ranking Instructors
  • Video learning
  • Membership Forums
  • Availability for 1&1 sessions*
  • Fully Accredited exams
  • £25 Grading Fee
  • All Ages Welcome
  • No Contract. Ever.
  • *addon item
Please note: when you pay your first month’s fees, this triggers a 2 month countdown clock for your eligibility to take the first exam, your free trial does not count towards this 2 month period. The quicker you decide to join the quicker you are allowed to grade (if you wish to).

My name is Sensei Glen Moulds. I hold a Black Belt 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate. I have been training continuously in Authentic Japanese Shotokan Karate since 1979, over 40 years.  

All of my grades have been achieved at grading exams and not just awarded. My current grade of Black Belt 5th Dan was in July 2005 under Sensei Mikio Yahara 10th Dan along with my Instructors, referee and examiners qualifications. My previous grades have been at exams by H. Kanazawa 10th Dan and Abe Sensei 9th Dan. I am a UK GCSE and A Level Examiner in Shotokan Karate.  I have represented some of the most senior Karate Instructors in the world both as an Instructor, examiner and competitor. I am experienced in both competition and self defence.    

Under my teaching you will learn authentic Japanese Shotokan Karate as it was taught many years ago.    Your progress tests under myself and my Instructors will be recognised worldwide with my name as the examiner, your Karate will do the talking and your level will be recognised.    I will be personally guiding you along the way with video content and in depth explanations from how to tie your Karate belt to preparing and submitting your test exam and provided you stick to the modules you will progress well – This is the real deal  - see you in the dojo

Sensei Glen Moulds

(5th Dan)

Why My Online Karate

Develop Fitness and Flexibility as you progress. Watch your self confidence grow, perfect for mental health, focus and concentration

Unless an Instructor has trained in the Japanese Karate system they will not understand how the Japanese can develop such amazing power, we will teach you this system and look forward to seeing your Karate flourish as you develop these new skills

Imagine if you could have Sensei Moulds personally teaching you on a one-to-one in the comfort of your own home! Well now you can as each video and coursework is aimed directly and personally at you!

Some of the Instructors you will meet on your journey with us, from left Sensei Moulds 5th Dan, Sensei Andy Walls 4th Dan, Chris Clarke 2nd Dan, Sean Kybird 2nd Dan and Raphael Kelvin 2nd Dan

Your journey starts here

Your Journey Starts Here

9th Kyu Red Belt

When a student joins the dojo, they are given a white belt and classified as 10th Kyu which means “no rank”. The students first test will be for 9th Kyu, earning the right to wear a red belt.

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8th Kyu Orange Belt

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7th Kyu Yellow Belt

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6th Kyu Green Belt

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5th Kyu Purple Belt

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Love the online Karate! Website is clear and easy to use - I am hopeless with online stuff but got logged on and straight into the course. I love the fact you can see the modules and progression. From a beginners perspective it's great - I love the fact it starts with putting the uniform on and walking into the room as it is step by step from the very start.
From Suffolk, UK
An incredibly affordable and east at home way of learning shotokan karate. Looking forward to taking my first exam.. all online!
Paris M
From London, UK
If you want to learn Karate online this is the place to be. The main instructor Glen I have known for many years and what he doesn't know about the art and teaching it, it isn't worth knowing. Affordable and well worth it.
Len R
From London, UK
Love My Online Karate - Simple to follow, feels really personal, you can go at your own pace and you can see your progress as you go along.
Elizabeth G
From London, UK

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