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A Guide to MOK

Your gateway to the world of authentic Japanese Shotokan Karate, right from the comfort of your own home or local organisation!

Trusted by over 1,200 Members & Mentors

Why choose My Online Karate?

Join a diverse community of karate lovers from around the globe. Experience the unity of martial arts as we break down geographical barriers!

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Shotokan Karate. Our Sensei brings decades of experience, ensuring a genuine and transformative learning experience.

Set and accomplish your karate goals with our supportive community and regular Sensei feedback.

How does it work?

Online grading Exams

Once a student has completed all modules they may wish to take a formal grading examination for the next coloured belt.

The last module gives a full detailed guide on how to set up your examination video. You will have a chance to re-do the exam as many times as needed if you are not happy with it!

Once the exam has been successfully uploaded it arrives at HQ and is allocated an examiner. If the student passes then it upgrades the student at HQ which automatically downloads the certificate in the students portal at the same time releasing access to the next grade modules.

The student will always receive feedback whether they pass or fail from their examiner.

Information for Groups & Organisations.

If your group or organisation is looking to work with or add My Online Karate to your offering, we can work with you, providing a scalable solution which benefits your members.

Kenshinkai Black Belt class, Honbu Dojo Barrow, Suffolk 2005
H Kanazawa 10th Dan with some of Kenshinkai members 2002
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