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Entrance for those who a have trained seriously before but do not want to start from the beginning again. Without being a member you will be able to try any exam up to and including 1st Kyu. This is a £50 grading exam for non members and you will have access to the exam syllabus and video for comparison before the exam. If you pass a certificate will be issued and we will put our name behind it. If you fail there is a £20 retake fee but you only need to take the part you failed on not the whole exam. Should you pass you can walk away or join us at your new grade and have access to all the grades below you.

Please note as part of the OPEN GRADING option:

  • You will NOT have access to the training modules.
  • You will NOT have access to Sensei for advice or be able to submit video clips for assessment.
  • You can sit any exam up to 1st Kyu Brown Belt.
  • The cost of the exam is £50.
  • You will have access to the grading syllabus for the grade you are attempting AND a video showing you the exam being done with voice over.
  • You must video yourself with or without the voice over in the correct sequence as the syllabus.
  • If you pass the exam you will receive the appropriate certificate for that exam and your exam will be recorded at Kenshinkai HQ in Suffolk.
  • If you fail the exam you will be given detailed feedback on why you failed. This may include video feedback if Sensei thinks it is appropriate.
  • Should you fail on a particular part of the exam i.e Kihon, Geri, Kumite or Kata, then you will only be required to retest on the part you failed on.
  • The retest fee is £20 each time you sit it, you will be provided with a unique discount to redeem.
  • If you pass the exam you can then apply to join the online club at the grade you have just passed and all the training modules below your grade and up to your new grade will be made available to you for practice.
  • You do NOT have to join the club to be able to continue to grade.
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