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    Steven Farrar

    Welcome everyone. Hope you all enjoy the journey!

    Matthew Hunter

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you are all well.

    I completed my Orange Belt, 8th Kyu grading today and I have finally been able to submit the video,after various issues.

    I use an IPhone 8 to record my grading videos and to submit.

    With the content on each belt increasing, the videos seem to becoming longer,which in turn,is giving me issues uploading for grading.

    Iphones have a strange MOV format for videos.

    What does everyone else use for recording their grading videos and then for submitting?

    It would be great to find out what other students are using?

    Many thanks

    Matthew Hunter

    Athanasios Hassoulas

    Annual Membership

    Hello Sensei and everyone,

    My name is Thanasi, literally just signed up after intending to take up karate before lockdown and glad I came across this online community! I’m a beginner and have just ordered my gi, looking forward to getting started this week.

    Sensei Glen Moulds


    Hi Thanasi, welcome to the course. Only a few members have signed up to the forum as it is quite new, you can chat or on the facebook members group. Please shout if you need any help!

    Lucas Williamson

    Monthly Membership

    Hey all! Lucas here!!

    I’ve just signed up and am looking forward to seeing how I progress. In my teens I studied Goju Ryu to the level of 6th kyu and 8th kyu in shotokan until life got in the way. So here’s to a fresh start!! Clean pallet!! 🙂

    To say a 15+ year break is a long time overdue for a return…

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    Sensei Glen Moulds


    Well done guys keep chatting. For those who prefer social media we have a members only group which you can join here
    I am starting a new weekly session with online members next week which will be posted on the FB group also so ‘stay in touch’


    Monthly Membership

    Hi everyone!

    Just signed up and looking forward to training and connecting with you all! I began Kung Fu and weapons training at the beginning of the year and looking to expand my knowledge and practice further in martial arts! So happy I came across your site! Look forward to learning from you Sensai!

    Don Roche

    Monthly Membership

    Videos are very well detailed and fun to follow.

    Samantha Adams

    Monthly Membership

    Hi everyone! I have signed up today. I’m really looking forward to getting started. I did karate as a kid and got to purple belt, but I have probably forgotten alot. I’m excited to start this journey! =)

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