Waiver Agreement

I wish to take part in My Online Karate and confirm that I am in good health and believe that I may be able to complete the online training physically, and I agree to comply with all conditions laid down by the Instructors, and to abide by any instructions given by the Instructors. I accept full responsibility for my health while I am engaged on the My Online Karate course and I understand and acknowledge that I am taking part in a strenuous activity which carries the risk of injury or serious injury and I know no reason why I should not participate on the course. I agree to perform the exercises at my own risk, and I absolve the Instructors of any claim for accident or injury or any claim arising for any reason as a result of the My Online Karate course howsoever caused.

By registering the participant also agrees to the possible use by the Instructors of his/her personal details and/or image in print, on photograph, film or video etc, for promotional or informative purposes in the interest of the My Online Karate Course, without being entitled to demand payment.

I have read and accept the above conditions.

For applicants under 18 years parents must complete this step on their behalf.

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