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You are now ready to take the 6th Kyu Exam. Make sure you have had a look at grading exam video in the 6th Kyu Green Belt Module, which you will be required to perform. If you have any queries please speak with us at any stage.

  1. Ideally you will be able to film in a 6m x 6m room allowing for all the moves to be performed without stopping. The camera must also be able to film the whole frame, you may need a wide angle webcam or wide angle setting on your phone if you choose to do it this way.
  2. When filming using your chosen device, please ensure that your footage is at least 720p to allow us to correctly inspect your video when you upload it for accurate examination.
  3. Your exam film must be one continuous shot and in frame of you taking the exam at all times, if for whatever reason you go out of frame, the footage stops and restarts, battery goes on your device, unfortunately you will need to re upload your video, if you have submitted this as your final video this will be your submission and may risk failing the exam based on this. We do allow you to delete and reupload your video before submission if you are not 100% happy with your video.
  4. We would recommend using your camera tripod for your device rather than someone hold it for you, allowing full focus to be on the exam and the best quality outcome for you.
  5. If you fail your exam we will do either look at your effort and if there are small issues you will be allowed to retake those issues after one week with no exam fee. If the exam is nothing that resembles our training and it appears to us that you have not studied our teaching you will fail the exam and a minimum of 1 month will be added to your waiting time before you re take the exam which also must be paid for again. This is classed as a new exam and therefore takes the full amount of Instructors time.
  6. For your first exam you do not need to wear a Karate Gi, however further exams will need to be in a Gi and wearing the belt of your current grade
  7. Gi’s must be pure white with no badges etc and clean and ironed. Students with dirty or crumpled Gi’s will not be examined
  8. You can do your exam anywhere you wish, indoors or outdoors as long as we can see and hear you at all times
  9. If during the pandemic you do not have enough room to perform any part of the grading exam then just do what you can in full stances but shuffle forwards or backwards to give yourself the space you need
  10. Remember to use the video with voice over playing loudly in the background. This will help you remembering what you have to do and also so the exam team know you are doing the correct exam. This also enables multiple exams to be done at once as per live exams. You must perform the movements exactly the same as the voice over

Good Luck

Oh and remember we can see how much time you have spent on each module!